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Sanatana Dharma & Science

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Logo del canale telegramma dharmascience - Sanatana Dharma & Science
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Sanatana Dharma & Science.
Two sides apparently different but which always go hand in hand on logical way.

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2021-09-29 14:53:31
Amazing Vedic astronomical story of the Moon God Chandra which the modern studies proved it to be highly scientific.
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2021-08-11 12:36:13
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2021-07-08 19:20:13
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2021-06-22 13:12:31
Manchester University confirms that Isaac Newton stole Laws of Motion and Gravity theory from Hindus.

In the fifth chapter of Vaishesika Sutra, Rishi Kanada speaks of Laws of motion and Gravity. Why do objects move? Why do they fall? What is inertia? What is impulse to motion? And so on.

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2021-06-16 11:03:25
800 years back INDIAN ARCHITECTS knew what a fetus looked like inside the womb, imagine that.

Baby in the WOMB OF THE MOTHER at Shri Sundara Kamakshi Mandir, Tamil Nadu.

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2021-06-09 19:02:14
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2021-05-16 19:01:23
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2021-05-16 00:00:19
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2021-05-15 14:00:10 Some facts of our pride which is not so commonly known to most of generation:

Father of astronomy: Aryabhata; work - Aryabhatiya

Father of astrology: Varahamihira; works - Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra

Fathers of surgery: Charaka & Sushruta; works - Samhitas

Father of anatomy and yoga: Patanjali; work - Yogasutra

Father of politics and economics: Chanakya; works - Arthashastra, Nitishastra

Father of atomic theory: Kanada; work - Kanada sutras

Father of architecture: Vishwakarma

Father of aero dynamics: Mayasura; work - Vastu Darpana

Father of medicine: Dhanvanthri; first propounded Ayurveda

Father of grammar: Panini; work - Vyakarana Deepika

Father of theatre: Bharatamuni; work - Natyashastra

Fathers of literature: Valmiki & Veda Vyasa; works - Ramayana, Mahabharata, Ashtaadasha, Puranas

Father of playwriting: Kalidasa; works - Meghadhootam, Raghuvamsham, Kumara Sambhava, etc.

Father of mathematics: Bhaskara; work - Lilavati

Father of warfare and weaponry: Parashurama; works - Kalaripayatu, Sulba Sutras

Father of story writing: Vishnu Sharma; work - Panchatantra

Father of sexual anatomy: Vatsyana; work - Kamasutra

Father of philosophy: Krishna; work - Bhagavad Gita

Father of commentaries: Adi Shankara; works - Panchadasi, Vivekachudamani

Father of alchemy: Nagarjuna; work - Pragnaparamita Sutras

The above list is just the trip of an iceberg. Let us take pride in sharing and educating the world what our ancestors did.

741 views11:00
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