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2021-03-05 21:54:22 Not an insurrection: Feminists storm the Capitol, chase congressman in hallways and try to intimidate them against voting for Brett Kavanaugh Not an insurrection: BLM storm D.C, put chains & ropes around federal statues to tear them down & set fires around the White House. LOL.
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2021-03-05 01:59:35 Thanks for the lecture, princess. Your cousins are welcome to wear a hazmat suit to the grocery store to avoid those who dare to walk around like human beings. Your insinuation that choosing freedom over fear is “selfish” is why you were not fit to lead this great country. 🇺🇸 https://t.co/HCj6lWxgU3
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2021-03-05 01:54:19 Jason Whitlock: "This culture was not created by us, it was designed for us." -- realest shit you will read on Twitter today. Twitter may have trained you to hate the messenger but only a fool would deny the truth of this message. @ ScoonTV
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2021-03-04 23:29:11 They won’t get the money (obviously) but by next election cycle they will be back in the streets again rioting and looting on behalf of the same organization which will raise even more millions culminating in black communities still not seeing a dime. Rinse. Repeat.
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2021-03-04 23:24:15 @RCamposDuffy This is accurate. I always pinpoint the disintegration of black culture but it’s the disintegration of American culture, altogether.
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2021-03-04 23:24:13 LOL. Black activists are demanding millions from Black Lives Matter INC after learning they raised 90 million dollars last year off of dead black faces. I told you guys for 2 years straight the money is used to fund white Democrats but you didn’t listen. https://t.co/tnT0NKmxMh
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2021-03-04 21:14:35 The person named “woman of the year” by Billboard is a woman who made a song about how wet her vagina gets.

What message does this send to young black girls?

(I’m ranting bc I was listening to Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder this morning.)
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2021-03-04 21:09:28 We went from the Huxtables, the Winslows and the Jeffersons to the cast of Love N Hip Hop and we think it’s racism that’s keeping us from excelling in this country.

This culture was not created by us, it was designed for us.

Few have the courage to call it out.
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2021-03-04 20:59:32 Black culture honestly breaks my heart. It disintegrated so quickly from topics of faith family & love to absolute debauchery. We went from the Temptations and Commodores to naked women debasing themselves in the blink of an eye.

We are ruining black children with false idols.
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2021-03-04 20:29:19 LOL to Democrats pretending there is some obscure threat to the Capitol so that they can continue justifying the military occupation of D.C. There is obviously no threat which is why they are scant on details. This occupation was planned and had nothing to do with January 6th
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2021-03-04 07:59:08 RT @ SKMorefield: @CandaceOwens: with an Econ 101 lesson for AOC
"It's so important that we communicate these ideas to young people because that's exactly who AOC is preying upon, who Democrats prey upon ... people who are naive, who want to believe in this utopian society that can never exist."
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2021-03-04 02:09:23 I agree with this emphatically.

I am a huge supporter of law enforcement but what is happening right now in America is not about enforcing any laws.

It’s political harassment, plain and simple, and every American should be outraged about it.

Conservatism is not a crime.
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2021-03-04 02:04:06 I said the FBI under J Edgar Hoover. Prior to J. Edgar Hoover it was not called the FBI. Hoover was the first Director of the FBI, which came to be called that 1935, despite the BOI existing before he took control. I tweeted what I meant.
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